We are a technology company that enables Canadians to easily get healthcare when they need it the most but are unable to or it is not convenient for them to make a trip to their family doctor. We connect you with licensed doctors who will come to your house to give you and your family the care that you need.
Anyone who wishes to stay in the comfort of their own home in order to get medical care can use MedHouseCall. At times it is inconvenient for people to take young kids or the elderly to their family doctor or to the walk-in clinic because they are not feeling well. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to spend sitting in a waiting room, or you just aren’t feeling well enough to get out of the house.
Yes! If you have a valid provincial health card then the doctor visit to your house is 100% covered for you.
Our doctors are able to provide healthcare for most non-urgent common illnesses and minor injuries. They will be able to provide you with a prescription if it is required. A copy of your medical record for that visit can also be provided for you to share with your family doctor.
You need to create an account using our mobile app or on our website in order to use our service. You will be required to provide your health card so that we can ensure that it is valid. After completing registration, you may call a doctor to your house.
We are currently serving cities in the province of Ontario only. We are constantly recruiting doctors in new cities so please check back often if you don’t find a doctor in your area at the moment.
Once you request an appointment from your app or from the website, you will get a notification from the doctor with their approximate arrival time. In addition, they will call you before they come to your house. Please ensure to answer their call or they may cancel the appointment.
All MedHouseCall doctors are board certified family physicians or emergency room physicians that are licensed to provide healthcare in Canada and your specific province. Our doctors are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service with care and compassion.
No, our doctors do not replace your family doctor. MedHouseCall doctors may be used in addition to your regular family doctor. If you do not have a family doctor please visit our Resources section for recommendations on how to acquire one.
Our service is NOT for emergency conditions. If you feel that you or anyone you know is suffering from an emergency, CALL 911 immediately.