A simple, flexible and hassle-free way to see patients on your own schedule

You select when and where you want to work. We'll connect you with patients seeking a home visit,
and even do the billing for you!

You handle patient care, we'll look after
everything else from A to Z


When you feel like doing house calls, turn you're app on. When you're done, turn it off. It's truly as easy as that! It's completely on your schedule and at your convenience.


You select the radius around your current location that you would like to receive house call requests within. You don't have to travel far if you choose not to.


We will send you house call requests and you select which you would like to accept or decline. After you perform your house call we submit your billing directly to the ministry via our app, then simply update the patient record in the provided centralized EMR

A different way to work

Whether you are salaried, locum, or run your own practice, MedHouseCall is the right fit for you because you decide where and when you'd like to perform home visits. This is a service that is fun and at the same time is truly helpful to Canadians.

Provincial billing allows significant payment for home visits, along with annual bonuses, allowing house calls to be a very profitable way to practice.

Are you thinking of retiring but don't want to abandon service to your community entirely? Or a new grad that is trying to get yourself established? Perhaps you are an established GP looking for a change of pace? Whatever your position is, MedHouseCall is the perfect fit for you!

How Does It Work?


Register Online & Download The App

Visit our website www.medhousecall.ca to register and download the app.


Get Set Up

Set up an onboarding call with our team to help get you live.


Log in and set your status to ON

Select the radius in which you would like to receive house call requests within.


Wait for house call requests to come in and accept or decline

Accept or decline an incoming appointment request. If you accept, set your approximate arrival time.


Communicate with the patient

You can communicate with your accepted patient via our in-app chat feature, or you can simply click to call them.


Perform the house call visit

Pack your bag and off you go! Simply click a button to get step by step driving directions.


Mark visit as complete

When you have completed your house call, mark it as complete within our app to notify our safety monitoring system that the visit was successful. You also have the ability to rate your experience of that patient encounter.


Enter Billing Information

Once the house call is complete, enter the DX code and your invoice will be submitted to the ministry with the standard house call codes. You also have the ability to add additional service codes for any additional services rendered. Our expert team will manage all billing and rejection handling.


Update Patient file in EMR

Enter your clinical notes into our province-wide centralized EMR. The patient file will be pre-populated for you, and previous patient records will be available for you to review. We use Juno EMR, which is based on the Oscar EMR platform.

Handy Features Of The MedHouseCall App

  • Toggle Your Availability

    Toggle the MedHouseCall app from OFF or ON whenever you would like to receive house call requests

  • Select House Call Radius

    Using a slider, select the radius form your current location in which you would like to receive house call requests within.

  • Manually Add Patients

    You may run into a situation where you need to see a patient unexpectedly. Simply enter their health card information and see the patient just as you would see a house call

  • Safety Monitoring

    You can feel comfortable performing house calls knowing that our location monitoring system tracks when you check in and check out of a house call visit. If you are at a house call for more than one hour, our system gets notified and our team will contact you and the patient to ensure that all is well.

  • Full-Service Ministry Billing

    No need to worry about billing and rejection handling, we have you covered! MedHouseCall seamlessly integrates with the ClinicAid billing platform. You will have full access to review all billings that are being submitted in real-time.

  • Provincially Centralized EMR

    Make SOAP notes on the go and review patient records from all prior MedHouseCall visits to allow for continuity of care on a province-wide level. You can also create and send prescriptions direct to pharmacies through the EMR.

MedHouseCall EMR Integration

MedHouseCall integrates with Juno EMR which is based on the Oscar platform. This enables you to:

  • Make patient SOAP notes on the go.
  • Review patient medical records from all prior MedHouseCall doctor visits to allow for continuity of care.
  • Create pharmaceutical prescriptions and fax requisitions direct to pharmacies.
  • Patient records get pushed directly from the MedHouseCall app to the EMR, so no need for cumbersome new patient creation.
  • Follow up with patients at your clinic and access their records from anywhere.

MedHouseCall Full-Service Billing

Don’t worry about billing. We have you covered!

MedHouseCall seamlessly integrates with ClinicAid billing platform. We completely handle all of your billings and rejections.

You will be provided with a login to your portal to review your accounts.

No staff needed, let us do it all for you!

Inbuilt Location Monitoring For Your Safety

You can feel comfortable performing house calls knowing that our location monitoring system tracks when you
check-in and check-out of a house call visit. Here's how it works

  • Our system automatically detects and checks you in when you arrive at your house call location.

  • When you are done your house call and submit your billing on the app, our system is notified that you have checked out and completed the visit successfully.

  • If you are at a location for more than one hour, our automated system notifies our operator who will give you and/or the patient a call to check in.

Take care of patients, and let us take care of you.

Earn market leading rates

Provincial healthcare plans compensate healthily for physicians that perform home visits. Annual bonuses are also issued based on the volume of home visits seen per annum. Choose to do house calls to supplement your income, or do them full-time and work on your own schedule.


Call us at: 1-833-2-SEE-A-GP


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