Ensure That You and Your Family Is Protected From Getting Sick

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Today, we are going to discuss a few essential things that can protect you from an illness. Our doctors noticed that most of the cases, patients felt unwell because of virus or germs attack. So, we come up with a guide that helps you take necessary steps when you experience a poor health. We have the best service for the on-call doctor in Ontario, canada and this leads us to spread general awareness of health and hygiene.

Germs that may make you sick:

There are different types of germs that may make you feel sick. Do you know germs come in many different types? We are discussing a few common ones here.
Bacteria: Bacteria are the most common germs that need a warm environment and food to live. They attack the human body, especially in the areas like the mouth, the ears, and the nose. Remember that all bacteria are not harmful and some of them help us in digesting food and eliminating waste.
Fungi: Fungi absorb nutrients from its hosts, including plants, animals, and from the soil. They are not usually harmful to the human body, but those with a poor immune system can get affected by them.
Viruses: Virus needs a living cell to take food, spread, and reproduce. Virus infections are really very common and cause minor to major health issues.
Protozoa: Protozoa grows in the moist environment. Generally, it spreads disease through water, resulting in nausea, stomach pain, and diarrhea.

How to be protected from the germs:

MedHouseCall comes up with solutions that help you stay away from the germs. Our doctors noted down that people get sick because of this virus or bacterial infection. When you feel uncomfortable health problem, don’t waste time and call us. We offer the best on-call doctor service in Ontario, Canada.
Here are some tips that you need to follow to keep those germs away from you.
• Wash your hand every time you touch hygienic things.
• Dry your hands because damp hands can pick up more germs.
• Treat your wounds or open cuts well because these are the breeding grounds for germs.
• Wear protection when your area is affected by the flue. Germs are there in the air, so cover your mouth and nose.
• You can take vaccines to protect against illness.
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