Healthy Home Means Happy Health

We have become health conscious and take care of our health needs pretty well. We eat less, do exercise, stay active, concentrate on meditation, and sleep well. But, are they enough for you? MedHouseCall is a healthcare organization offering on-demand doctor housecall service to patients in Ontario, Canada. Our doctors share their opinion on various general things that contribute a lot when it comes to your health. In the content, we talk about a healthier home that leads to healthier health.

Many of us forget to include the home environment when it comes to maintaining our health. It is a serious matter. A neat and clean ambiance inside of your home is good for your health. This is why we come up with some important details to keep the house clean and beautiful for you.

Whole house:

MedHouseCall recommended you maintaining some good habits that help you easily keep the germs away from your home. Put off your shoes at the door. You must install a detector for smoke or ‘the silent killer.’ Being the fresh air in and connect the indoor with nature or the natural lights.


Your bedroom is meant for sleeping. Not only do comfortable pillow and soft bad cover give you a good sleep, but some environmental factors also help you enjoy quality sleep. Blackout the rooms, block out the noise and keep your room cool at night.

Living Room:

When it comes to the living room, you must vacuum the room regularly. Don’t smoke indoors. Use carpets and furniture without any harmful chemicals.


Your kitchen is an important part and you must take care of it very well. Your kitchen releases cooking odors that can contaminate the air. There are other things that you need to think of, such as the quality of water and fire safety. Install the exhaust hood vented outdoors in your kitchen. Always have a fire extinguisher and make sure that you can access it easily. You must filter your drinking water. Use ceramic cookware sets.


For your bathroom, make sure that you must control moisture by letting the air outdoors. You must limit the use of air fresheners. You need to skip the antimicrobials. Take necessary measures for preventing slips, trips, and falls.

These are some tips that you can follow for keeping your home healthy for your health. MedHouseCall is a healthcare organization offering you the best healthcare choices for you. Book on-demand house call doctors who visit your house and treat your complications. For getting more tips on general health awareness, please read our blog section.