Nutritional Tips For women Above 40 Years

After 40 years, women body has gone through so many changes, and metabolism and hormonal issues are very high at this time. It is important to maintain a healthy routine to stay active always. As the age advances, your bone density lowers and that causes problems like difficulty in walking, fragility, swelling, joint pains, and more. MedHouseCall is a trusted health organization in Ontario, Canada. It raises some health topics which are really necessary to consider. It comes up with an initiative to make healthcare facilities available to everyone. With MedHouseCall, people can book a doctor’s appointment at their home and get treated in their comfortable environment. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, this health organization raises the topic regarding women health after their 40. You must maintain some health tips and feel energetic.


A decrease in oestrogen level is a common cause of menopause that has so many symptoms like dry skin. You must drink 8 glasses of water a day to moisturize and nourish your skin beautifully. When you drink enough water, it also reduces the problem of bloating.


Calcium is a very essential mineral for your bone health. After your forty, your bone density lowers due to the hormonal changes. Doctors suggest that you must include dairy products in your diet to avoid these complications. Eat eggs, curd, cheese, milk, and more for your health.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D is needed and it helps your body to absorb the calcium. Though we all know that vitamin D comes from the sunlight, eating tuna, eggs, and meat helps your body to have vitamin D.

Fruits and veggies:

Fruits and veggies are always good for your health. Since your metabolism slows down with your age, you must consume low calorie and high fiber foods that prevent weight gains.


Women are likely to suffer from iron deficiency and the chances are high when you cross 40 years of your age. Consume iron-rich foods for your health and avoid all complications related to it.


Flaxseeds are the rich source of Omega 3 and they are beneficial for women’s health. It balances your estrogen level and keeps your arteries healthy.

MedHouseCall understands the importance of staying healthy at this age. These health tips help every woman. You need to be concerned about your fitness and do necessary works that keep you stay active. For any health assistance, contact MedHouseCall. We are offering the Best Doctors At Home in Canada. Book your appointment with us and feel relaxed. Our home visit physicians will treat you at your convenient place.

How To Treat Eczema – A Common Skin Disease

Eczema is a medical condition where the patches of skin turn red, itchy, and inflamed. The exact reasons for this skin disease are not known yet, but dermatologists come up with some facts which trigger eczema. It is a very common skin condition and many people are suffering from this issue. Sometimes, it causes blisters on the skin and the irritation is truly unbearable. A complete take care of your skin may help you prevent the problem. Get doctor on call in Ontario, Canada and ask a doctor to visit your home for the treatment as per your convenience. Though it is not a life-threatening disease, negligence may make the situation worse and out of control.

Types of Eczema:

The most common type of eczema is called the A topic Eczema. A topic signifies the group of diseases that have an inherited tendency to cause some other allergic conditions such as Asthma and hey fevers. Infants are at the risk of this skin irritation and 10 to 20% of infants are having this problem in the U.S.

The symptoms and cause of Eczema:

The symptom is always itchy and causes rashes. The most affected areas are knees, wrists, and hands. It has a direct connection to the body’s immune systems and is mainly caused by its overactive response. There are some situations that trigger the problem more. If you are feeling too hot or too cold, you may have the chances to develop this problem. When your skin gets contact to the rough materials or the animal dander, it also causes the problem. The use of some household products like detergent and soaps also make your skin dry and irritant.

Facts of Eczema:

  • Symptoms develop according to the age, but itchy skin patches are common to all.
  • Smoke and pollution can also trigger this skin problem.
  • Eczema is not contagious.

Our doctors offer in-home consultations for you. If you take the right care of your skin, you can avoid the problem. Authorized and licensed doctors come up with the best approaches that help you heal eczema at home if the situation is not too serious. If you experience a prolong symptom, our Quality Health Care Home service will help you. Our doctors suggest some solutions that you can maintain at your home.

In-home treatments:

  • Take a lukewarm bath
  • Apply moisturizer after bathing
  • Moisturize your skin every day
  • Wear soft fabrics that do not harm your skin
  • Avoid activities that cause sweat
  • Do not scratch the area

MedHouseCall is a trusted name in the on-call doctor service in Ontario, Canada. This health care center is joining the drive to improve the medical industry by visiting patient’s place for the treatment. They offer an individual attention and consider hygiene issues to offer better treatment to them.


Med House Call For Food & Water Borne Diseases

People get affected by minor health complications frequently. Though they are not much severe, they need a proper treatment. MedHouseCall is one of the trusted names when it comes to the home visit doctor service and we have enough records that revealed – food and waterborne illnesses are very common, and a major number of people are suffering from these issues. We, at MedHouseCall, are aware of your needs and this is why we come up with the best solution that helps you stay protected from these problems. Though we are always there for you, we wish you a good health and a better life. Here are some details and tips that help you get protected from your health.

Why should you be protected from food and water borne illnesses?

Food poisoning is one of the common concerns that people have. It happens when you eat or drink food or beverages contaminated by bacteria and viruses. They cause mainly gastrointestinal diseases, such as diarrhea or stomach cramps. Remember that if you swim in the contaminated water, you may suffer from these problems also. Our doctors every day get at least one request for treating food or water borne illnesses. So, the condition really needs your attention. Since our home visit physicians treat you in your place, they can also take into consideration your environment and hygiene issue.

After witnessing so many health cases, our doctors point out some factors that people should take care of.

Good environmental management:

You need to maintain a good environment around you if you want to stay away from these problems. Keep your toilet and the surrounding area clean always. Use hot water and a chlorine-based disinfectant for cleaning.

Maintain personal hygiene:

Wash your hand frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Make sure that you rub the surface of your hand thoroughly. Remember to wash hands after using the toilet and changing the diaper of your baby. You need to wash your hands after playing with your pet or cleaning them up. You must clean your hands before and after preparing food or taking the meal.

Who are the most affected people?

Though food or water carried diseases cause harm to anybody, certain groups of people are most vulnerable to it. Pregnant women, young children, and seniors tend to get affected more. MedHouseCall extends the support of the treatment as much as possible and brings the complete health care facility to your place. Book our home visit doctors who are experienced and hold a license for carrying out any treatment. We offer you helpful services in Ontario, Canada and will soon include more areas in our service network.

Ensure That You and Your Family Is Protected From Getting Sick

Even a minor health complication causes a great worry when you are unable to reach a doctor. Emergency cases are always attached to the healthcare industry where you need to get treated by a physician urgently. This is why the concept of home visit doctor is introduced to people so that they can get adequate health assistance whenever necessary. MedHouseCall is one of the trusted names that always respond to your needs. Take an appointment and our best doctors will treat you in your place.
Today, we are going to discuss a few essential things that can protect you from an illness. Our doctors noticed that most of the cases, patients felt unwell because of virus or germs attack. So, we come up with a guide that helps you take necessary steps when you experience a poor health. We have the best service for the on-call doctor in Ontario, canada and this leads us to spread general awareness of health and hygiene.

Germs that may make you sick:

There are different types of germs that may make you feel sick. Do you know germs come in many different types? We are discussing a few common ones here.
Bacteria: Bacteria are the most common germs that need a warm environment and food to live. They attack the human body, especially in the areas like the mouth, the ears, and the nose. Remember that all bacteria are not harmful and some of them help us in digesting food and eliminating waste.
Fungi: Fungi absorb nutrients from its hosts, including plants, animals, and from the soil. They are not usually harmful to the human body, but those with a poor immune system can get affected by them.
Viruses: Virus needs a living cell to take food, spread, and reproduce. Virus infections are really very common and cause minor to major health issues.
Protozoa: Protozoa grows in the moist environment. Generally, it spreads disease through water, resulting in nausea, stomach pain, and diarrhea.

How to be protected from the germs:

MedHouseCall comes up with solutions that help you stay away from the germs. Our doctors noted down that people get sick because of this virus or bacterial infection. When you feel uncomfortable health problem, don’t waste time and call us. We offer the best on-call doctor service in Ontario, Canada.
Here are some tips that you need to follow to keep those germs away from you.
• Wash your hand every time you touch hygienic things.
• Dry your hands because damp hands can pick up more germs.
• Treat your wounds or open cuts well because these are the breeding grounds for germs.
• Wear protection when your area is affected by the flue. Germs are there in the air, so cover your mouth and nose.
• You can take vaccines to protect against illness.
MedHouseCall is the place where you can easily appoint a doctor no matter what time in a day it is. Our licensed doctors will always take care of you. Our home visit doctors treat your illness attentively and provide you with the best solution. Download our app and get more features to know about your doctor and book your request in the easiest way.

Choose the Doctor’s House Call Service for Your Health

On-demand doctor house call service solves many healthcare problems because patients now can avail in-home care by licensed doctors. No matter wherever you are, you can easily book an appointment for a doctor visiting your home and get your complication treated in the comfort of your known environment. When you feel sick, traveling to a doctor’s chamber makes you even feel worse. It is an initiative to improve the quality of medical assistance.
The demand for an on-call doctor is on the rise because more and more people are adopting this innovation and make the service popular. Though the concept is not new, the modern medical practices and advanced technologies even improve the facility. It has proven that home visit doctor services cut down the total costs and reduces the emergency admit in hospitals. The benefits of this service need your attention. Since the convenience remains to be the main reason behind the popularity, patients will get the best benefits. Many companies have extended their services and want to reach those distant areas where the scarcity of quality medical assistance has been felt.
There are of course some limitations of on-demand doctor house call because it cannot serve equally well when your health situation needs a serious attention. You need to take help from the emergency hospital admission. Though the medical equipment becomes portable and handy, some cannot be transferable such MRI machine. Besides, if you need any surgical procedure, the home visit doctor house call is not enough.
These are the few limitations that cannot be solved by any companies offering the doctor house call service. But that cannot reduce its benefits. It has opened a new door of medical care and help patients get their problem treated in their home environment. Home visit doctors also come up with valuable data which stated that physicians have more contexts of an ailment when they see patients’ at home. They can make a good relationship with them and choose the process that faster the healing process. So, no one can overlook the benefits. If you are in touch with on-demand doctor house call services, there is a chance that you can also avoid the emergency admission.

App culture also extends the facility and it brings more and more patients under the umbrella of the doctor house call service. You can book an appointment, track a doctor’s arrival, and avail service through these applications. You can even choose your doctor as per your requirement and quality health assistance.
MedHouseCall is the most trusted name that offers services in a wide region of Ontario, Canada. They are in the process of widening the network and offer services where quality health care service is truly needed. When you have doctors’ profiles, you can pick the best option. Download the app of MedHouseCall and book your doctors’ assistance.